Lords of War is a Persistent World (pw) server for the mount and blade pw mod. We are an invite only server with a mature and friendly rp atmosphere.
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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:54 pm

You must read these rules before even attempting to join the server.
Note: These Rules may be revised by Admins at any time.

Breaking of these Rules will result in a warning, a kick and/or temp ban, and then a permanent ban if the problem continues.

Lords of War Server Rules:

This is an RP server so there are a few terms you need to know before joining:

-IC (You will play your “character” for the majority of the time in this server and when typing you will be playing your character. This is represented by IC or In Character)
-OOC ( If ever you need to speak out of character on your own to ask a question that is not an rp related question type OOC or “Out of Character” or // before your text)

General Rules:
-This server Has absolutely NO tolerance for Random Killing , Team Killing, and Spawn killing, First offense will Result in warning from admin or other player, Second offense will result in kick or Temp ban, 3 Strikes you’re out!
-Lords and servants of lords may not steal gold or items from other faction members or enemy faction members.
-Ne recruiting of pw players for factions in the game.
-No recruiting or advertising of other clans, regiments, or guilds.
-No profanity, insults, or racism.
-No talk about politics, Current World Issues, or religion.
-Names are permanent in the pw server so when making a name, make a medieval rp name that is not profane, racist, insulting, or just plain stupid (ie: Sir Poop)
-World/all chat must only be used to report in game issues or questions to the admins. Use local or faction chat otherwise.
-Players must rp their characters in local chat. Faction chat rping is up to the leader of the faction.
-Sheath weapons when entering the main town
-No metagaming at all (This is when a player says something that is IC in global chat. This could involve telling people the location of a war party etc. You can only tell people the location of a war party in local chat, to players near you. Doing this in global chat ruins RP and reduces the quality of the gaming experience.)
-No Robbing Unless you are an Outlaw

Taxation Rules:
-Taxation can be done by having guards stationed on roads, bridges, or other areas near your faction's territory. The maximum taxation fee is 500 gold, if a player does not pay a tax that you put upon them, the taxing players may do what they wish with the offender.
-You may only Tax the same person every 1 hour.

War and Raid Declaration Rules:
-In War a messenger must be sent to the opposing faction carrying a banner letting them know of the declaration of war before any fighting can occur, even then no fighting can occur until the messenger has returned. Once the war has been declared by the messenger it must be announced in global a minimum of 3 times so that other players within the game are aware of the circumstances. A castle CANNOT be taken by force WITHOUT an official declaration of war by the opposing faction. If there are nil members of a faction online under no circumstances is another faction to place a banner and take control of this castle. Role Play and the above rules must always apply for a war, so members of a faction must be present.

War Rules:
-Wars are events that are declared by default at 10:00 Am on Saturday by the admins.
-Each faction and their vassals must fight for the throne.
-The winning liege lord receives the crown and the de jure title of the King.
-During war, castles may be besieged and captured.
-Combatants killed in war may respawn and continue to fight.
-Soldiers may be taken captive
-Once a castle is taken, the soldiers defending must either attempt to escape the castle to friendly forces or surrender. You may not just continue to spawn and fight when your castle is lost.
-Commoners in the commoner faction may not be harmed by the war combatants.
-Serfs of the warring factions may be slain or captured.
-War will be declared in all chat by the Admins in game and on the Server Forums.
-The losing faction lord and his vassals must travel to the victor's castle and swear their allegiance to the victor or be executed.
-Once a war is over, the original vassals and liege lord of the losing side must be allowed to recapture their castles peacefully to restore order to the realm and occupying forces of the victors must leave captured lands.

War Prisoner Rules:
-During war if a player surrenders and is captured, the captors may do one of the following:
1.Execute the player (this must be rped)
2. Imprison them until the war is over
3. Offer a ransom of up to 5k gold
4. Enslave (must be rp) the character for a maximum of 10 min. Must be released after 10 min with no weapons. When the player is released, he may not be harmed and must return to his faction.

Raid Rules:
-Raids may occur during the weekdays only (Monday-Friday)
-Raids cannot result in capturing a castle
-Raids may only occur once a declaration has been made and accepted.
-Only vassal lords may declare raids
-During a raid, combatants from each side may fight, no other vassals or mercenaries may intervene.
-The objective of a raid is to kill enemy faction members or to receive a gold tribute from the faction.
-If a defender or an attacker is killed in a raid, then that players is out of the raid and may not rejoin the combat until the raid is over.
-A raid is complete when either one faction surrenders or one factions loses all its men.
-If the raiding faction wins the raid then they may collect a raid tax of 3000 gp from the defenders and may loot the bodies of the defenders only, not the castle itself.
-Once a raid is complete, the raiding faction must leave the defender's lands and may not declare a raid on that same faction again for 3 hours.

New Life Rule:
-New Life means that upon death you forget everything about who killed you. Do not return to the scene of your death for at least five minutes. You will not remember anything about who killed you or where it happened, so you should stay away from where you died. (IC: In character, OOC: Out of character). However, you can choose to RP it as a knockout. Meaning the blow you took caused you to forget what happened to you. However you may still know who you are.

Commoner Rules:
-Commoners may start their own trading and crafting guilds if they so wish within the commoners faction.
-Commoners MUST RP with everyone. Commoners may only be killed through RP, there is no restriction on who kills a commoner but it MUST be done through RP and WITH GOOD reason. People randoming Commoners will be warned and if rules are not followed they will be kicked, and if it persists they will be banned. Commoners cannot steal. If a commoner is caught stealing, than the thief may be slain by the person they stole from.

Outlaw Rules:
-Maximum of 5 Outlaws
-Outlaws may not enter the main town chosen by the admins.
-Outlaws may steal from chests and castle armories
-If a commoner or soldier is threatened with a tax they may fight, or give in to the tax.
-If an outlaw is trying to tax you, you may not shout out in global chat, "Help there's an outlaw here" you must rp it, doing so is cheating and will not be tolerated.
-Do not Random commoners, or TK! Outlaws Must ROLEPLAY with Faction members. Outlaws MUST Role play with Commoners, no exceptions! Commoners should not be robbed for more than 500 coins if they are wearing non armour gear (anything under mail), and no more than 2k if otherwise. Raiding castles are allowed to be done in secrecy without the outlaws being spotted.

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Server Rules
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